And more Wallpapers!

Occasionally I’ll play around with something or create something just for the fun of it- or to experiment with a new program or techinique. The results aren’t really meant as full finished pieces but they do make nice wallpapers so I figured I’d share them with you. :) Enjoy!



And more Wallpapers! — 2 Comments

  1. Incredible looking art Matt as good if not better then you were doing in highschool. Cause I know back then you kept asking me what to draw and everything I said you drew, then when you signed my yearbook you had me lmao at the skater you drew with all the bandades and ended up calling me Grim. Damn were those some good times. Hope to hang out with ya again sometime. Rich

    • Thanx Grim! Yeah- those were the days. :) High school was so perfect for aimless doodling. I miss that. Never seem to have time to randomly doodle anymore. But I try. And yeah- Grim totally suits you. You’re still the only person I know who quite possibly has more scar tissue than normal skin. Its impressive.

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