The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass LogoMarcus Inkpen is my avatar’s name in Second Life.
For a while I was not into the idea of selling my creations in Second Life, but numerous requests led me to rethink and together with Sharni Azalee we launched our brand: The Looking Glass.
We’re both lovers of Alice in Wonderland and The Looking Glass seemed to perfectly encapsulate the style of what we were interested in building. Fantastic and magical with a sprinkling of eccentricity. From wizards and faeries to Steampunk and surreal to lush gardens and nostalgic city streets, whatever strikes our fancy is what we do and we’re beyond thankful that so many are enjoying our work.

The Looking Glass Blog

To find our sim in Second Life search for Horizon Dream.

To view all of my (Marcus Inkpen’s) products visit my store on Second Life Marketplace

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