Second Life

For someone like myself, being obsessed with art and working more and more in the digital 3D realm, there’s a powerful attraction to being able to create in a world where you can not only walk around in your own creations, but also share them in the same way with others.
And thus, Marcus Inkpen was born. Marcus Inkpen is my avatar’s name in Second Life and I’ve been very lucky to have gotten to work on tons of cool projects and a few collaborations with some incredible artists.

The Looking Glass
Designs by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee.


The Returning
Full sim art instalation for the Linden Endowment for the Arts.


Sim design for Fantasy Faire 2012 with Sharni Azalee.


Fantasy Faire 2012
Logo design and promotional art.


Invisible Cities – Eudoxia
Art instalation.


The Path – Room of Doors
Art Instalation.


Full sim design for The Arcanum.


Dark Mirage
Sim design for Fantasy Faire 2011 with Sharni Azalee.


Utopia 4 – No Sound
Full sim art instalation for the 2010 Worlds Fair.


Art instalation at Burning Life 2009.