Evolution – Burning Life 2009

Evolution - Burning Life 2009
My first art installation in Second Life. Burning Life was (at the time) the presence of the famous Burning Man Arts Festival in Second Life and I was excited to get to be a part of it. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to create for it at first. But thats not unusual with my art. Frequently things turn out quite a bit different than I originally intended. At a certain point the piece starts telling you want it needs more than you are telling it. This piece started off with the intention of being a mirror image of faces staring at eachother- one ancient and one futuristic. As my exploration continued it shifted into a meditation on time. The broken pocket watch in the middle representing the ‘now’ was originally resting on the ground but I realized it wasn’t quite ‘now’ enough- so I made it into a frozen moment of a giant key smashing into the watch.

A wonderful little machinema of Evolution from our dear friend ColeMarie Soliel


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