Utopia 4 – No Sound

For the 2010 Shanghai World’s Fair Bryn Oh proposed an art installation in Second Life and approached me to be one of the builders involved. The installation involved 5 sims, each representing a world missing one important element of life. Mine was a world missing sound. All the concepts were quite hard to illustrate, but I found no sound to be particularly hard being as sound is something you can’t see to begin with. After much brain-storming on what images popped into my head when I envisioned silence I determined that an empty house or city would be perfect as it is silent but evokes the memory of sounds and therefore makes the silence that much more potent. Of course it helps that abandoned houses and cities and ruined bridges have a special place in my heart. It took three months to build, using every bit of resource available to me and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Eternal thanks to Bryn Oh for including me in the project. It was a much loved installation and was visited by thousands of avatars in the six months it was up, but sadly it was never meant to be a permanent exhibition and its no longer around.

Bryn Oh’s blog for this World Expo Shanghai 2010 project

A stunning machinema by Bryn Oh featuring the sim

Some gorgeous camera work on this machinema from RudiOffcourse

View photos of No Sound by various people in Flickr


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