The Path – Room of Doors

The Path - Room of Doors - Characters
Bryn Oh is an old friend in Second Life and one of the most inspiring and accomplished artists both in and out of the virtual realm, so when she approached me to be part of an improvisational, experimental art installation I was thrilled. The team consisted of some of the brightest artistic visionaries of Second Life including Bryn Oh, Colin Fizgig, Desdemona Enfield, Douglas Story, Maya Paris, Claudia222 Jewell, Scottius Polke, Rose Borchovski and of course, me.
We were given a random order and then slowly generated a loose storyline by each writing a small segment and then passing it on to the next artist. We opted for a dreamlike feel that suited all of our artistic inclinations and, I will admit, made it much easier to combine our ideas into a narrative. The outcome was incredible. Engaging and visually stunning, it was a joy to take the ride again and again.
Thanks so much to Bryn Oh and all the artists involved with the project.
More photos coming soon.

The machinema by Bryn Oh of The Path.

View photos by others of my portion of The Path on Flickr

PJ Trenton’s photos from The Path on FLickr


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