Eudoxia – Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities - Eudoxia
Invisible Cities is an incredible book by Italo Calvino and the inspiration for this collaborative art installation. Five artists attempted to recreate the surreal atmosphere of one of the many cities described in the book. As my part in the project I chose Eudoxia, a city tied closely to a rug at the center of the city that perfectly mimics both the physical aspects and the life stories of its residents. It was a bit of a challenge keeping the build within the limited resources available, but I’ve always found that limitations grease the wheels of creativity. To truly grasp the project I definitely recommend reading Invisible Cities. Its a deep and surreal experience well worth the time.
Thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts for hosting the installation.

Incredible Machinima by Fuschia Nightfire featuring music from me!

View photos from all the builds in the Invisible Cities installation on Flickr


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