Meandervale – FF 2012

FF2012 - Meandervale

Photo by PJ Trenton

For our third time designing for Fantasy Faire Sharni and I decided to go with a lighter feel. The last year our sim was very dark in both feel and tone. This time we wanted to push into a more surreal realm, giving us a chance to be ecclectic and whimsical. We went with butterfly windmills and an assortment of giant fruit, hobby horses, light-bulb rushes, butterfly tree boats and kaleidoscopes. Streams wound their way through golden wheat fields and thatch-roofed stucco buildings.

A beautiful machinema of our sim at Fantasy Faire by Thalia Heckroth

Buildings of Fantasy Faire 2012, a machinimatic impression by Marx Catteneo

View photos by other people of all the sims at Fantasy Faire on Flickr


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