The Returning – LEA 2012

The Returning - Lost Temple
When Zachh Cale approached me with the offer of a full sim with which I could create anything I want I was overwhelmed. Its not at all a common oppurtunity. But my initial ideas for the sim changed quite a bit as time went on. At first I felt inspired by the concept of a place where all things lost end up. At first it was much more literal, but the more I explored it the more I started thinking along the lines of lost spirituality, something there’s no lack of these days. Combining those feelings with a fascination with the ruins of ancient temples resulted in me fixating on the temple as a representation of our lost spirituality in physical form, and of course the temple had to be lost in a jungle filled with other lost items both literal and otherwise. I was again overwhelmed by its incredible reception and so grateful that I was given such a rare chance to not only express myself but also offer others a place that they thoroughly enjoy. Sadly the sim was only up for three months, but it was an incredible experience none the less. Thanks so much to both Zachh Cale and the Linden Endowment for the Arts.

Check out photos other have taken at The Returning on Flickr

The Absence of Memory by Chic Aeon filmed at The Returning


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