Incredible Video of InterfaceD and nuvolino @ TLG

Thanks so much to Silicon Fizz for filming and putting together this breathtaking video of the last particle show from InterfaceD Dreamscape and nuvolino. It was an incredible show (as always) and this really captures it in all its glory! Enjoy!

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Mankind Tracer @ The Looking Glass XMas Show!

Sharni and I would love to thank Mankind Tracer for putting on such an incredible show for us all on XMas Eve-Eve. At one point we had 70 avatars on the sim and even though Sharni and I both crashed- the sim didn’t! As always MT was superb and a ton of fun. Here’s a few pics I managed to snap of the show. Thank you to Mankind Tracer and to well- everyone!

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The Forrest Theater and The Silent Tree

Hey guys! I’ve had a bunch of different requests for these two builds so I’ve finally gotten around to making them both available. The older one is the Silent Tree, which was the tree that was the centerpiece from my Shanghai World’s Faire build called No Sound. Now- I didn’t want it to be identical to that tree because that was a one time thing and when good things come to an end its time to move on to the next thing- so this one lacks the knot in the tree, doesn’t have the mechanical bird on top and is about 40 prims less than the original. But in essence it still shares that twisted lonely shape and feel- so hopefully that will work for those that wanted it. The second was the abandoned and derelict Forrest Theater I created for our sim. It was a giant project even with the basement removed. 856 prims, 40 linksets, 19 doors, 36 posed seats. Crazy! But I fought my way through it and here it is ready for those who wanted it. Both are available either on our sim or on my (Marcus’s) Marketplace page. Thanks so much for your interest and your kind words. I hope you really enjoy these! :)

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InterfaceD Dreamscape and nuvolino at The Looking Glass

We couldn’t wait to get these two back again for more incredible ethereal magic! It took a bit of work, scheduling in SL always does, but we found the time and now its on!
Saturday Dec 3, 1am SLT (Thats late Friday night). Don’t miss it! It was pure magic the first time around so we can only imagine what it’ll be like this time!

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Merlin & Morgana

Inspired by the famous Arthurian characters, my favorites, these new outfits are dangerous, wicked, majestic and, well, magical. Merlin was inspired from the film Excalibur, the classic film version of the legends, and Morgana is a bit looser and slightly updated. Merlin is only available in one version- but the Morgana outfit is available in six colors. Both can be found on our sim and on Marketplace. We hope you like em!

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