Looking Glass Machinima by Hypatia Pickens

Thanks so much for doing this Hypatia! Turned out wonderful. We are truely honored to have you choose our sim for your video work. Great stuff! – and you got Squidgy in there to! YAY!!!

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2 Responses to Looking Glass Machinima by Hypatia Pickens

  1. Hypatia Pickens says:

    I was delighted to make this machinima. We’re always on the lookout for superbly built environments, and you have one of the most amazing sims I’ve seen. I’m only sorry I couldn’t get everything. I so admire your building skills, but also your imagination and your appreciation for the offbeat. Since I was a child I was mesmerized by Victorian dollhouses, and when I saw the work of professional artists of the miniature (who recreated old early nineteen hundred houses and streets–down to the rust stains in the sink, the missing tile!) I was hooked. I think this is why I love Second Life. You can craft the miniature and walk into it, whereas you must tower over it in real life. This is a truly unique place.

  2. Dana Paxson says:

    After a couple of viewings of Looking Glass Machinima I’m haunted by its special blend of place, mood, sound, and color. Hypatia’s work always reaches in and explores surprising places in the beholder, and I hope she continues to create and show more of these wonders.

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