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Exciting to have one of my outfits so well received by the lovely Xia Firethorne, ty

It was just Beautifully  made,  and  the creator Sharni Azalee had  not compromised on detail,  yet also  she had taken the  lag factor  into account.  The  outfit is  called; LA LICORNE DOREE


Awesome to be included in the wonderful selection of places to visit by Secondnights, ty


Thanks Serene for the lovely pics and link to our sim on your blog


Thanks to Nordan for this lovely blog and pics

The contrast here, between run down old town and fantasy dream garden, is striking. There is a sense of separateness between the two, yet somehow the two worlds come together and create a fantastic whole.


Thanks to Honour McMillan for your lovely write up and pics

 Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee are the designers behind The Looking Glass and I’m in love with their textures and creativity and building.


Thank you Chrisann Jewell for your lovely blog

Una località tutta da esplorare e dove tornare più volte col passare del tempo per vedere cosa di nuovo e meraviglioso ha da proporci questa coppia di artisti.


Thank you Lalita for visiting and enjoying the sim

So to day I am presenting you sim called ” Looking Glass ” This sim is very impressive and well built. They also have shopping stores for you to check it out :D and nice park for you and your love one to just chill out!!!!


 Thanks Uccello for your “quick visit” :)

Long story short, I was looking for a unique cottage and the TLG Wizards retreat (Web) certainly seemed to qualify, so I went to see it in-world at “Looking Glass” on the Horizon Dream sim (SLurl).


Thank you for the lovely pics


Such beautiful words and images from Pixie Rain, thank you so much for “getting it” :)

Whilst it is true that the individual pieces are superb and the resulting sim-wide build magnificent, what makes ‘The Looking Glass’ particularly special, in my opinion, is how it makes you feel.


 Thank you Norrian Marx, just lovely pics and very kind words.

If you join their group (free) you can also click the signs below and get some spiffy group gifts.


A wonderful blog we found today, thank you so much Xeriko Melnik.

Today, when I came back to another visit this morning, the town was in full bloom, alive, transformed into the main store.


Some lovely pics and write up on Second Ladies Blog by Vick Spitteler


Special Thanks to Dagmar Haiku for doing this Wonderful  Interview with The Looking Glass and for Photos …

In short words “The Looking Glass” is the perfect place to explore and to take pictures. This year “The Looking Glass” is the sponsor of the Dark Mirage Sim at the Fantasy Faire, a good reason to interview Sharni and Marcus.



Please support the wonderful Hypatia Pickens at the Machinima Artist Guild, thank you again for this wonderful machinima…

The theater by Marcus is brilliant… the whole thing is in a shambles, what better place for this woman to act out her own fantasies?


Second Life Art and Entertainment, an amazing blog by amazing people, thank you so much Cole for your incredible machinima…

It is not often I come across a sim that makes me feel calm and quiet. A place where composition of landscaping, sound, structure and overall ambiance are well balanced. The Looking Glass is a magical place full of hidden secrets and vast levels of exploration.


Some wonderful words from the brilliant Bryn Oh on Marcus’s World’s Faire build…

This island in the machinima was built by Marcus Inkpen over a few months on one of those regions. His work ethic was phenomenal.  No complaining or flakiness, just a solid reliable builder determined to showcase his talents.  What he built was a perfect “set” for people to create a story on, but also an environment that engaged SL residents.


Links to Sharni’s BOSL nomination…

Links to Sharni’s exhibits at University of Western Australia

Kara’s Corner, Second Life Adventures, thank you for the lovely writeup and pics.

The Looking Glass, Horizon Dream. This is an impressive sim that has been here for a while, but new things are often found.


Eclectic Equations – Dagmar Haiku’s writings from around the grid are enchanting, here she blogs Marcus’s outfit Moonchild.


It’s Only Fashion Blog – Cajsa Lilliehook … Caja has used The Looking Glass quite a few times and it and her lovely work, is much appreciated.

Have you noticed that I am very fond of the Looking Glass? There are so many little gems there to enjoy. Even if you don’t want to shoot pictures, you should go for the sheer pleasure. 


2011 Home and Garden Expo

I feel like I have seen or heard of The Looking Glass before…but apparently not enough to have a solid memory of it. I can guarantee I’ll remember it going forward, though, because OMG – I am in love with this Parisian Row Home! ♥ 


Fallen Gods – The wonderful Alia Baroque

The Home of the Looking Glass, Horizon Dream is a sim created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee which host their creations and artworks. If you like beauty and walking into an oniric land be sure to visit when you find time.  I am also honoured to host one of Marcus, in my opinion, most beautiful builds, at Athan.


The lovely people at Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds have been so supportive.  Thank you so much Saffia, Elrik and co.

And we can promise you eye candy of a very high order for Marcus and Sharni don’t just create magnificently detailed builds … they pride themselves of their attention to detail too. 

Toys vid collage of ID and nuvo show-

Designing Worlds episode on TLG-

MoanaLittleBoots vid collage taken at TLG-

MoanaLittleBoots vid of Quanah performing at TLG-

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Evie’s Closet: Happy Holidays from The Giving Circle 2011

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