Video From the InterfaceD and nuvolino particle show

This took a bit to put together but its wonderful to get to see the motion of the particles along with nuvolino’s music from the show. See the post a few down for shots taken at this show.
Scheduling is a problem, as it always is in Second Life, but we’re hoping to have both of them back for another show very soon!
Special thanks go out to Phoenix Cardalines and Mosha Mohr for filming and editing this.

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Thanks to The Follow!

We were so proud to get to be the first sim in The Follow’s World Tour in a Day. It was a huge success and so cool to get to see the band performing in RL on the screens on stage. Gave a whole new dimension to the show. We’re very much looking forward to having The Follow back again soon! Great show!

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Wind-up Dolls and Pendulum Boots

The Looking Glass is very proud to be part of the reopening of The Piermont Landing on Wheatstone Waterway in New Babbage! Our works will be featured in and around this incredible steam-punk build, home of a variety of wonderful social gatherings.
As part of our contribution we are officially releasing four new items at the Piermont as well as our own sim and Marketplace. They’re a lovely vintage style dress with roses and an exquisitely ornate wind-up key on the back from Sharni as well as a very steam-punk pair of boots from Marcus! Both are available in two different colors. Hope you all enjoy!

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Thanks for an Unbelievable Particle Show!!!

A world of thanx for the incredible particle show put on by InterfaceD Dreamscape and nuvolino last night! Here’s a few highlight photos for you. You can see more here and I do believe there was some filming going on- so if you missed it stay tuned and we’ll get you the video soon!

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Nicole Briggs takes The Looking Glass to another world

Nicole Briggs, formerly known as ColeMarie Soleil (long story), has created another incredible machinema at The Looking Glass. This time she lets us see TLG in a completely new light. Ghostly and incredibly compelling- she never fails to amaze us. We love you girl!

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